Late last year, we were lucky enough to welcome Westside Music Sweden and singer-songwriter Kristofer Åström to Gathenhielmska for a one-off recording session.

Westside Music Sweden is an organisation that works with (indie) music businesses and artists from Gothenburg and Västra Götaland, creating international opportunities, partnerships and exchanges that help to put music from this fine region on the global map.

With covid affecting their day-to-day work, Westside launched Story of the Song, a new digital series to broaden the ways they can expose artists to new and global audiences.

The idea behind the series, they write, is to “meet up with artists we love and have them talk about the origins of a certain song and then play that song in a unique setting.”

We’re big fans of Westside’s work, so when they got in touch to ask if they could come to Gathenhielmska to record an instalment of Story of the Song, there was only ever going to be one answer!

The video premiered over on earlier today. You can check it out below.

Artist: Kristofer Åström
Song: Inbetweener

STORY OF THE SONG – a theme beyond the lyrics

Editing: Ib Cederfeldt
Additional camera: Ib Cederfeldt
Project partner: The region of Västra Götaland

Westside Music Sweden​