Mar 08 2024


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

The Yellow Wallpaper

Celebrate International Women’s Day with The Yellow Wallpaper and Gathenhielmska huset – theatre, hot ‘n’ cold drinks and good conversations!
The Yellow Wallpaper is a theatre adaptation of the semi-autobiographical novella of the same name, by the early prominent literary feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1892. Multilayered and witty classic literature performed in a sparse modern staging, embodying the ‘Salong’ at Gathenhielmska for this event.
“There is something strange about the house – I can feel it”
(more on the story a scroll down!)
Pre-book tickets via Kulturbiljetter or by the door if you’re bold!
Friday 8th March 19.30 (17.30 RESERVED, spare seats may be released)
Saturday 9th March 17:30 & 19:30
SEK 150
Roughly 45 min
Performance will be in English
Suitable from age 12 (parent’s judgement)
NO elevator, NO wheelchair access
A woman is confined to her room to rest after the birth of her child, not even allowed to write. But the woman’s mind cannot rest and soon she begins to see a figure in the wallpaper, a figure that wants to get out..!
“There are things in that paper that nobody knows but me – or ever will!”
The old and beautiful house at Stigbergstorget is Gothenburg’s only preserved wooden townhouse from the mid-1700s. The secrets of the old walls suit the narrative and gothic tale of The Yellow Wallpaper – a psychological horror story, with underlying social issues of women’s mental health, isolation, freedom of choice, self-determination, and liberty.
“The themes The Yellow Wallpaper explores should feel outdated, they should feel inaccessible, yet they do not. And this is precisely what makes this show such a haunting experience. This piece reminds us that stigma around mental health and the minimization of women’s health issues are yet to be fully dissolved. The Yellow Wallpaper is timeless, thought-provoking theatre at its best.”
(The Dialog Theatre, Melbourne, 2019)
The Yellow Wallpaper, a Swedish-Australian co-production, was developed in 2017 as an inclusion in La Mama Theatre’s Explorations Season, Melbourne Australia. After much acclaim for this interpretation, in 2019 it returned for a sold-out full season at La Mama. In 2022 it was a part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival, Canada. Now Franca Theatrum is bringing it to Sweden!
Text by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Adapted and devised by Laurence Strangio and Annie Thorold
Original Direction by Laurence Strangio
Performed by Annie Thorold
Stage management by Martina Viglietti
Produced by Franca Theatrum
Image by Jason Cavanagh
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