Lekkontoret founder Catherine Paterson shares some insights into what happened at the last of our children’s tour workshops, which was held on Saturday 21st March.

Learning from Play
This was our last workshop with our child team members at Gathenhielmska Huset. We designed activities that would give our child team members an opportunity to express themselves through free play.

Shadow Play
We set up a shadow puppet theatre with Studio Childish Berlin – they provided a frame structure, which we turned into a theatre. The children got lots of puppets to play with, which were of characters, animals and architectural forms from Gathenhielmska.

Each child got a chance to put on a quick show and we spent time playing with the puppets and light in the room.

Building Play
We created a box of colorful off-cuts for the children to build with in Gathenhielmska’s exhibition room. The children built a ship from furniture in Workshop 3 – we wanted to give them more opportunities to build environments and objects for role-play activities.